The group has  the competencies to conduct Robot Welding, Flash Butt,and MIG Welding  including numerically controlled SMP's. The team of engineers and  technicians design and develop quality products and processes to meet present and future requirements.

The technology used includes:

  • Welding SPM's for Horizontal and circular welding
  • CNC Plasma and Oxy Fuel cutting machines
  • CNC Tandem Press Break 260T
  • Power Presses and Hydrolic Presses ranging from 50T to 250T
  • Range of presses for bending and punching
  • Range of shot blasting equipment
  • SPM's for Machining the fabricated components.

Subsequently to the assembly process the group has various surface finishing processes available and has the ability to provide end to end solution with a robust and experienced logistics support function in all its major markets.